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Security Advisory for Customers:
  • Do not click on any link in SMS or Emails. Clicking on such link may install virus in your mobile and can steal confidential information, such as - User Name, Passwords, Debit/ Credit Card Numbers, and PIN etc.
  • Do not cut and past the link from the message into your device's browser. Fraudster can make the link look like real, but it actually redirects to malicious websites.
  • Do not reply to suspicious SMS or Emails. Even if the SMS/ Emails came from someone you know, be wary about clicking on SMS links or opening the Email attachments.
  • Use anti-virus software for mobile device and for every other devices and keep them updated.

  • Security Awareness Alert: Fake Mobile Numbers of Bank on Google Search Result
    It has been observed that fraudsters have edited and inserted their mobile numbers in the Bank details on Google Search Result. The customers inadvertently contact these fake mobile numbers and fell victim to fraudster’s malicious activity. In this regard, customers are advised not to use mobile numbers of bank's offices shown in Google Search Result. Customers should use the contact numbers displayed on Bank’s website– www.psbindia.com

    Punjab & Sind Bank invites applications for the posts of Chief Technology Officer (TEGS- VI), Chief Financial Officer (TEGS- VI), Chief Risk Officer (TEGS- VI), DGM- Credit (TEGS- VI), AGM – Law (SMGS-V), AGM – Industrial Relations (SMGS-V), CM – Economic Research (SMGS-IV) and Manager – Law (MMGS-II).


    Notice :