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Retail Loan Schemes : Rate Of Interest


The following MCLR rates are w.e.f. 14/02/2019 to next review.

S. No Tenor Rate of Interest (%)
1 Overnight MCLR 8.30
2 One Month MCLR (More than overnight upto 1 month) 8.40
3 Three Month MCLR (More than 1 Month and upto 3 Months) 8.55
4 Six Month MCLR (More than 3 Months and upto 6 Months) 8.65
5 One Year MCLR (More than 6 Months and upto 1 Year) 8.85
6 Three Year MCLR Applicable for any tenor More Than 1 Year)) 8.90


Review of Base Rate & BPLR:

Base Rate BPLR
9.70% 14.00%

PSB Housing Loan

Loan Amount Rate of Interest (p.a.)
Upto Rs.75.00 lacs One Year MCLR
Above Rs.75.00 lacs One Year MCLR + 0.25%

PSB Auto Loan  



RATE OF INTEREST (p.a.) (All Tenures)

New Four Wheeler Vehicle

a. For the existing borrowers of the Bank who have availed Mortgaged backed loan(s) from the Bank and the same is running regular for last one year- 1 Year MCLR + 0.10% (Applicable during Festival Bonanza Campaign).

b. For others - 1 Year MCLR + 0.25%

New Two Wheeler  Vehicle

1 Year MCLR + 5.00%.

Old Four Wheeler Vehicle

1 Year MCLR + 3.00%..








IBA Model Education Loan scheme

For higher studies in India & abroad:

Category Loan up to Rs.4 Lac Loan Above Rs.4 Lac & up to Rs.7.50 Lac Above Rs.7.50 Lac
General Public One Year MCLR +2.00% One Year MCLR +2.00% One Year MCLR +1.50%

Concession in Interest
(if Collateral in addition to guarantee is given)

No Concession 0.50% No Concession
  • Additional concession of 0.50% for girl students
  • Additional concession @1% to all borrowers on account of service of interest during moratorium period.
  • *All the concessions are subject to charging of minimum of One Year MCLR of the Bank.

IBA Skill Loan Scheme:

Category Rate of Interest (p.a.)
General Public One Year MCLR + 3.00%

PSB Execellence-Education Loan Scheme for Premier Institutions

(For students of IIMs, IITs and ISB (Hyderabad)

One Year MCLR + 1% at present. (No other concession is applicable).


PSB Personal Loans To Salaried Class & Pensioners

Category Rate of interest(p.a.)
For Salaried Class

Where deduction of installment from salary at source is available or salary disbursed through our branches:-
One Year MCLR + 4.75%presently with monthly rests.
In all other cases:-

One Year MCLR + 5.25% p.a. presently with monthly rests.

For Pensioners One Year MCLR + 4.00% , presently with monthly rests.

PSB Doctor Special Loan Scheme

Category Rate of Interest (P.A.)
Upto Rs.50 lacs One Year MCLR + 2.50%
Above Rs.50 lacs & Upto Rs.1Crore One Year MCLR + 2.75%
Above Rs.1crore & Upto Rs.2 Crore One Year MCLR + 3.00%

Sukhmoney Scheme (Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme)

The rate of interest will be at fixed rate subject to minimum of bank’s One Year MCLR with reset clause every five years

Category Rate of Interest (P.A.)
Loan amount up to Rs.20 lacs One Year MCLR +2.00%
Loan amount above Rs.20 lacs One Year MCLR + 2.50%

PSB Housing Loan Top Up Scheme

Rate of Interest would be 100 basis points over and above the ROI charged on the existing housing loan.

PSB "Grow & Pay" Housing Loan Scheme

The Rate of Interest for loans sanctioned under this scheme would be as charged on PSB Housing Loan Scheme.

PSB Kisan Home Loan Scheme

One Year MCLR.

SB OD Scheme (For Over Draft Facility)

Rate of interest (per annum): One Year MCLR +4%

PSB Commercial Vehicle Scheme

   Loan upto Rs 25 lakhs: One Year MCLR + 2.25%

   Loan above Rs 25 lakhs: One Year MCLR + 2.75%


PSB Mortgage Loan

Term Loan facilities (For MSME):  One year MCLR + 2.50%

Term Loan facilities (for others):     One year MCLR + 2.75%

Overdraft facilities (For MSME):     One year MCLR + 2.25%

Note: For loan/limit above Rs 500 lacs, applicable rate of interest shall be 50 bps over the above mentioned rates.


PSB Vyapar Loan

For Working Capital Term Loan facilities repayable upto 5 years: One year MCLR + 2.25%

For Term Loan facilities repayable upto 10 years: One year MCLR + 2.75%

For Overdraft facilities:  One year MCLR + 2.00%

Note: For loan/limit above Rs 500 lacs, applicable rate of interest shall be 50 bps over the above mentioned rates.

PSB SME Liquid Plus

For Term Loan facilities repayable upto 5 years: One year MCLR + 1.85%

For Term Loan facilities repayable above 5 years: One year MCLR + 2.05%

For Overdraft facilities:  One year MCLR + 1.60%

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