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Commercial Vehicle Loan financing TIE-UP with Tata Motors Ltd.(TML)


In order to boost our lending under Commercial Vehicle segment Bank has entered into an MOU with Tata Motors Ltd India’s largest Commercial Vehicle Co with for financing of commercial vehicles . In this context, under this arrangement, Bank has introduced a competitive and innovative credit delivery system in association with TML, effective implementation of which will be a source of successful business growth for the Bank.

The salient features of the approved scheme are as under:

  • Individuals, proprietorship/partnership firm./ Limited company, trust, society, owning and operating or proposing to own and operate transport vehicles for carrying passengers or goods on hire.
  • The borrower should have sufficient net worth to pay for the margin and initial recurring expenses like registration, Insurance, etc. In case where the borrower does not meet this requirement, a co-borrower having sufficient net worth to be included.
15% on chasis and 25% on body.
Minimum 1.75
Category Loan upto Rs.10 lac Loan above Rs.10 lac
Cases covered under CGTMSE or 100% collateral BPLR-2% i.e.=11.50% ( Floor rate 11.0%) BPLR-1% i.e.=12.50% ( Floor rate 11.0%)
In case borrower is not covered under CGTMSE or collateral is less than 100% or against third party guarantee or hypothecation of existing unencumbered vehicle(s) with realizable value covering at least 50% of loan amount or any other movable asset taken as additional security. BPLR-1% i.e.=12.50% ( Floor rate 12.0%) BPLR-1% i.e.=12.50% ( Floor rate 12.0%))
Incentive of 0.50% in interest is available at the time of final payment provided borrower makes timely repayment of instalments.
Period of Loan
1 to 5 years.
Loan Processing Fee
50% concession in processing fee if covered under Priority Sector.
Hypn. of the vehicle to be purchased.
CGTMSE Coverage
CGTMSE coverage be obtained in the cases eligible under the scheme
In the cases not covered under CGTMSE third party guarantee / collateral to be obtained invariably.
Penal Interest
@ 2% over and above the contracted rate shall be charged for any default in repayment on loan instalment as per fixed repayment schedule.
Flexible repayment
By way of higher quantum of instalment in the initial years be fixed if possible.
Other parameters
  • Direct payment to be made to the dealer of new vehicle. Original bill of the vehicle financed should be obtained and kept alongwith security documents.
  • Vehicle should be got registered in the name of the borrower and bank’s name should be got incorporated as financier in the Registration Certificate and copy thereof duly verified be held on record.
  • Comprehensive Insurance including riots, civil commotions and other natural calamities, of vehicle hypothecated to the bank for full value, with bank clause, should be obtained

The interest rates under the scheme are competitive for financing commercial vehicles of TML. The opportunity can be encashed for augmenting credit under this portfolio.

Due publicity be given to the scheme by displaying banners at conspicuous places and sending letters to prospective clients.

Note : Northern States : Chandigarh ( UT) , Delhi , Punjab ,Haryana , Himachal Pradesh, J& K , Rajasthan .

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